Internet Fraud


The internet has become a haven for fraud and counterfeit activity and we would like our Northfield Township residents to be aware of such scams in order that we can work together to protect our community members.

Never respond to any unexpected or unknown e-mail messages.

Every day, more than a million people fall victim to cybercrimes. The National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) is pleased to collaborate with Symantec to get the word out about resources for cybercrime victims. Please visit their new website and forward to anyone who has concerns about cybercrime. allows users to file a complaint about an online crime directly with the Internet Crime Complaint Center. It also includes a wealth of resources related to cybercrimes, including prevention tips and steps to take if victimized.   Please check out the VOICE website today and share with others to help prevent and combat cybercrimes.

Phishing attacks are occurring over the internet and through e-mail as well.  These are fraudulent websites designed to fool receivers into providing personal finance information including credit card numbers, social security numbers and bank account numbers.  DO NOT PROVIDE ANYONE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION UNLESS YOU INITIATE THE COMMUNICATION.  Phishers send email or pop-up messages claiming to be a business you deal with. Recent attacks have included Yahoo, Citibank, Verizon, Washington Mutual, Visa, Paypal, and FDIC.  All are usually presented with an “Alert”, “Fraud” “Warning” or “Safeguard” message.  No legitimate company who has your files will contact you for an update in this fashion.  

If you have any further questions regarding internet scams & fraudulent activity, contact Crime Prevention Officer Tammie Colling @ 734-449-9911 ext 109 or email her at