Disaster Preparedness

September was National Disaster Preparedness Month
The Northfield Twp. Police continue to encourage our residents to be prepared should a disaster strike. We encourage all families to have a shared plan which include their pets. It is important for all members of a household to have Two(2) meeting places and an emergency out-of-state (or out of area) contact person.
· 1st meeting place should be designated near the home-- in case of an emergency fire, electrical issue or other unforeseen emergency to the home
· 2nd meeting place should be outside of your neighborhood – in case you are unable to get to your home or the area, your neighborhood, has been evacuated
· The out of state contact person may be easier to get a hold of during a disaster – as it would be unlikely that they too would be experiencing the same emergency conditions
o All out of state emergency contact phone numbers should be memorized and stored in your cell phones or wallet-- if you should lose your phone or cannot receive service –an emergency worker will be able to make contact for you and advise the contact person of your current location
o Family members would check in with their contact person so that the contact person would be able to account for all of your household members. In addition the contact person should document the location of all members checking in, as this will be useful to help reunite everyone when the emergency is over.
Plans should take into consideration all members of the household and each of their needs – Children, Seniors, those with disabilities and pets will need to have special considerations. Visit the Red Cross at http://www.redcross.org/prepare/nationalpreparednessmonth to learn more. Also, the Red Cross has a First Aid App available for iPhone and Android devices . The “Official American Red Cross First Aid app offers videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice on first aid.
Other sites to assist you prepare for an emergency/disaster include:
Discuss and Practice your plan at least twice a year. Remember, disasters strike at any time and family members may not be home or even together at the time of the emergency conditions. A plan will keep you, roommates and your family safe and secure. A plan will also allow you to find one another.