Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

Enjoy Your Summer!


Be safe when biking, walking and jogging.


Warm weather, sunny skies and a late setting sun has brought many residents outside to engage in pleasant walks and family biking.  For your safety, the Northfield Township Police remind our residents that, whenever possible, sidewalks should be used by pedestrians and may be used by bicyclists. We further remind residents that, for their safety, the following laws should be followed for both pedestrians and bicyclists:

  • 257.655 Pedestrians on highways; violation as civil infraction.  (1) Where sidewalks are provided, a pedestrian shall not walk upon the main traveled portion of the highway. Where sidewalks are not provided, pedestrians shall, when practical, walk on the left side of the highway facing traffic which passes nearest. Walk Facing Traffic.
  • 257.660c  Operation of bicycle upon sidewalk or pedestrian crosswalk.  An individual operating a bicycle upon a sidewalk or a pedestrian crosswalk shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and shall give an audible signal before overtaking and passing a pedestrian.


  • 257.660b Operation of bicycle upon highway or street; riding more than 2 abreast.   Two or more individuals operating bicycles upon a highway or street shall not ride more than 2 abreast except upon a path or portion of the highway or street set aside for the use of bicycles.


  • 257.660a Operation of bicycle upon highway or street; riding close to right-hand curb or edge of roadway. Exceptions:  A person operating a bicycle upon a highway or street at less than the existing speed of traffic shall ride as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway, Ride with Trafficexcept as follows:
    • (a) When overtaking and passing another bicycle or any other vehicle proceeding in the same direction.
    • (b) When preparing to turn left.
    • (c) When conditions make the right-hand edge of the roadway unsafe or reasonably unusable by bicycles, including, but not limited to, surface hazards, an uneven roadway surface, drain openings, debris, parked or moving vehicles or bicycles, pedestrians, animals, or other obstacles, or if the lane is too narrow to permit a vehicle to safely overtake and pass a bicycle.
    • (d) When operating a bicycle in a lane in which the traffic is turning right, but the individual intends to go straight through the intersection.
    • (e) When operating a bicycle upon a 1-way highway or street that has 2 or more marked traffic lanes, in which case the individual may ride as near the left-hand curb or edge of that roadway as practicable.
  • 750.419 Operating or riding motorcycle; moped, or other motor vehicle on bicycle path or sidewalk; misdemeanorA person who operates or rides a motorcycle, moped, or other motor vehicle, excepting motorized wheelchairs upon a bicycle path or a sidewalk regularly laid out and constructed for the use of pedestrians, not including a crosswalk or driveway, is guilty of a misdemeanor.